Why Your Website Should Have A Blog

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Why Your Website Should Have A Blog

For online businesses of any size, a great website is never static. It’s your first opportunity to create a dialogue with new visitors who might just become your most lucrative clients and customers. Some businesses dispute blog development and management, as they think the time spent on a blog will outweigh the benefits. That’s where Search4Local come in. When we help you build your website and populate a blog for your website, the benefits are endless.

Here are just some of the many reasons you should build a busy blog on your website:

Why Do Blogs Boost SEO?

Blogging increases the number of pages your website has, which tells Google it’s an active site that gets a lot of attention from its owners and designers. It also boosts how often a search term will appear on your website. This is all absolute gold dust for SEO and content marketing. Blogs provide valuable links from pages within your site and for external sites to link to informative topics and external links from respected, higher ranking sites increase your websites’ ranking (SERPs).

Blogging For Influencers

When someone searches Google for an answer to their question and comes across your website, you’ve already provided them with a service – tick in the box. Blogging is often referred to as ‘gift content’ and is the online version of handing out a physical product sample. Your sphere of influence and brand awareness will leap up and the purchases will follow. Without handing out that sample, you won’t have the footfall in your shop or online.

What Are Micro Moments?

Google puts a lot of store in Micro Moments – the searches that we all carry out on our mobile when we need an answer ‘right now’. These can be anything from “Where is my nearest web designer in Exeter?” to “How do I rank higher in Google?” Being there to provide answers to questions relevant to your business helps the micro moments browser and alerts Google that you are providing an online resource and assistance. These are semantic in nature and you must SEO accordingly.

Building Business Trust With Your Blogs

Visitors must be able to gain an insight into the business they’ve arrived at and be able to clearly see how it differs from competitors. By simply showing them that you actively prioritise engaging your customer base with advice, news and tips, you’re sending a strong message that they can trust in your customer service levels.

Sharing your company’s thoughts on a relevant topic in a language that appeals to your target customer helps you come across as more relatable to your website visitors. By tapping into that emotional need for trust, it’ll help them decide between you and your competitor.

What’s Better For SEO Blogs Or Social Media?

A recent survey by Shareaholic showed that 2017 was a year where SEO provided better search results than social media. Which on the face of it could be a “So what?” statement. But as blogs provide such as strong boost to your SEO it’s time to take the Shareaholic information and focus on writing regular and concise blogs. The days of writing a blog when you feel like it is gone and you need to look at producing and publishing regular weekly blogs and following up with social media.

How Do I Use Blogs To Show my Business Expertise?

Blogging about new changes to your service or products, as well as voicing where your brand stands on social and ethical issues that affect your industry and your customers’ lives will show clients that you’re knowledgeable, passionate and keen to help. Without a blog, a website often comes across as basic, functional, static and not lively enough to demonstrate real expertise.

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