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Website design is far more than appearance and functionality. It’s about creating a hub for your digital marketing to push users towards whilst ensuring search engine bots can crawl and index the sitemap. We have a proven web design concept that ensures our clients get found online and increase the size of their digital footprint.

What Are the Benefits Of a Professional Web Design Agency?

Why use a professional website design agency? This broad term essentially collates the steps and process required to build, market and rank a website in search engines.

Successful website design encompasses brand identity and adheres to algorithms ranking factors. An artistic and imaginative appearance in regards to fonts, colours and high resolution images is important. As is user experience, website speed, calls to action, mobile first design, SSL hosting, meta data, user interface design, keyword focused headers, alt text and contact information. Website security and hosting is paramount, especially in regards to E-commerce websites.

It takes a full service digital marketing agency to deliver a digital advertising project which combines website design with SEO.  All content is produced by highly experienced website content writers, providing your business everything needed to win online. Search4Local create sites that are easy to find and navigate. Digital spaces for users to enjoy visiting.

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Designed For 100% Mobile First Indexing

Mobile first means designing and building websites to be fully responsive and functional on smartphones and mobile devices. This design is expanded upon but not altered for Tablets, PCs, laptops and desktops.  Ensuring UX is seamless, closing the gap between websites and apps.

Just over half of all internet searches are performed on smartphones, and this is increasing year on year. The term 100% mobile first means websites that adapt to different screen sizes, meeting the demands of the millions of smartphone users.

Essentially, mobile first is the discipline of responsive web design. When done properly it removes the need for users to zoom in on smaller elements and even limit the need for scrolling. Improving usability for new and returning users alike. 

WordPress & Website Security

WordPress is a very popular CMS (content management system) and is used to create upwards of 30% of the worlds websites. This versatile platform is popular thanks to its adaptable functionality and ability to take secure payments.

WordPress is supported by the worlds most secure hosting options and even offers web masters the ability to add security focused plugins to maximise users online safety. Further to this, we offer encrypted website hosting to maximise safety online. 

We use WordPress as a base platform for our website designs. The platform is both trustworthy and innovative, allowing your website to adapt over time by adding or editing elements.

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How Important Is Website Speed?

Website performance speed effects security and is also a considerable ranking factor for SEO. Site speed reflects how quickly and efficiently a site responds to requests. Including the ability to load all images, video, maps, copy and calls to action.

Google has indicated that website speed is a ranking factor. Not only this, but product or service pages that load quickly are likely to appear higher on Google searches.  Faster websites improve user experience

Our website costs vary depending on the functionality requirements and number of pages. For example, our Ecommerce websites cost more as they require more technical development. We do our utmost to keep our costs the most competitive in our industry.

Website security protects you and other website users from hacks and data breaches. Our sites meet strict GDPR requirements and strive to protect all users, we work with some of the most trusted hosting providers in the UK.

SEO helps your website appear for keywords / search terms relating to your business services or products. If you want your website to rank on page one Google for competitive search terms, SEO is crucial. 

Digitally at least and in terms of what can be done with websites, theoretically the sky is the limit.

The internet is ever evolving with new software and algorithm updates. We are in an age where digital software is becoming very advanced, in particular the dawn of artificial intelligence, virtual tours and the ability for users to search with images.

Over time these will no doubt become easier to develop and standard ranking factor, in the way we currently view copy, images, citations and video. Your website can be used to sell products, make appointments with new clients, and rank online in your target area. Search4Local specialise in local SEO and modern web design.

Fundamentals Of Bespoke Web Development

We are creative digital marketing agency, offering bespoke web development to SME businesses in Exeter and South West England. We work closely with our clients to deliver custom built websites with the latest inbuilt ranking factors built in. Unlike the majority of our competitors, we never subcontract our work. Our team consist of the following:

Front End Design

Front end developers link the front and back end of websites, keeping design in relation to user experience at the forefront of their work. They also work on user journey experience, reviewing calls to action and mobile experience. 

Software Developers

Our website developers write code for our websites and deal with the most technical parts of the work. They also set sites live and work on cyber security.

Website Content Writer

We have a large in-house our team of copywriters, who work closely with our SEO technicians to create and write content for your website. Each of our projects have a dedicated website content writer assigned. 

SEO Technicians

When building websites, our SEO technicians research and find the most powerful keywords, longtail keywords and semantic expressions. They apply this to alt text, meta data and slugs as well as helping our copywriters base their content on specific search terms. Further to this they look at internal link structures, outbound links, and apply other SEO techniques to your website.

Website Design Consultancy, Further Details & Quotes

Our full service digital marketing agency offers websites that are built to rank in search engine results, represent your business in the best possible light and offer complete security. We do our utmost to offer the most competitive prices for the best possible service.

Please get in touch for further details and website design prices.

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