Using Video And Rich Media To Promote Your Hotel

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Using Video And Rich Media To Promote Your Hotel

Digital marketing your guesthouse, hotel or bed and breakfast and encouraging people to book with you can be one of the hardest things you have to do as a tourism business owner. There will no doubt be lots of other accommodation providers in your town, village or beach side, all with their own offering and niche, and all competing for a slice of the same pie – bookings!

Digital Marketing For Hotels

How are you digitally marketing yourself to your prospective guests right now? I suspect you’ve got your business website, you’ve had some very nice photographs taken of your rooms and facilities and you’ve signed up to the 3rd party booking system or two, just like your competition down the road.

The big challenge with any online destination provider is to show your customers what you have to offer whilst inspiring them to book a room. So how do you actually do this?

Using Video And Rich Media To Promote Your Guesthouse

We know that this sounds expensive and scary, but a professionally filmed video will showcase and promote your property and surroundings in a way that images alone simply cannot.

The video should allow your prospective guests to see the rooms, restaurants and the facilities from various angles giving them a feel for the layout and sizes of your rooms. It will bring your facilities and extra services to life. Plus, video can also feel more honest and transparent than text and photos. Showing that you have nothing to hide will build the confidence your guests need to make that booking.

Hear the sea, watch people raise glasses in your restaurant, see people in your pool splashing around – all images that “sell” your proposal and get that booking!

Drone Photography For Tourism

If you really want to be more adventurous then why not hire a drone photographer? Use this remarkable little piece of technology to film your guest house or hotel in its own surroundings! From the top looking down, across the gardens and up, up and away!

Once you have your visual masterpiece you need to build it into your digital marketing strategy – if you have one! Start by uploading the video to YouTube and adding it to your website – make sure you create an account with your business name for searches, this will look great, will not affect the performance of your website, and will help you get higher on those all-important Google search results (SERPs).

The Best Social Media For Hotels

Next, you can upload the video to your Social Media, including Twitter and Pinterest channels and start sharing it with the online world. You’ll get better results if you upload a video directly onto Facebook or Instagram that gives you the option to ‘boost’ your video to highly targeted audiences, such as people looking to go to Hotels in Cornwall.

Boosting your images and content is a great and cost-effective way of promoting your business – no doubt your competitors are doing it already.

You can even upload your video to Trip Advisor as part of your gallery, further raising your profile and visibility. Make sure you have a Trip Advisor account in your business name. if you are proud of what you do then make sure other people can make their feelings known as well. For tourism – Trip Advisor is the place for tourism and reviews.

Case studies have found that a professional video can increase your revenue and bookings by up to 40%. So, marketing your hotel, guesthouse or bed and breakfast with video and rich media is not an opportunity to be missed.

In doubt about what to do to promote your hotel website? Talk to us about digital marketing and web design services for hotels and guesthouses.

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