As the end of 2018 very quickly approaches, many ecommerce websites will be looking ahead to next year and planning their online marketing strategies for the maximum profitability, better conversions and online growth – we talk about the upcoming trend of Social Shopping. Where Social Media And Online Shopping Converge Social shopping, or social commerce, […]

SEO and PPC take most of the glory for driving your online sales, but let’s not forget about another strategy — content marketing. Through storytelling – content writing, ECommerce brands and websites can showcase their values and beliefs to appeal to their users. Additionally, content can serve to encourage existing customers to repeat purchases by […]

What Is Social Commerce? As social media channels make it easier to integrate your shopping and products on their platforms, how best can these online brands buy into social commerce, what challenges should they be aware of and why, in reality does it matter? Does Social Commerce Work? Social media is quickly reinventing itself. While […]

Content Marketing For Tourism And Accommodation Websites The most successful hotel, guesthouse and tourism websites emphasise the use of personalised content and increasingly use videos, drone imagery and rich media to make the destination experience more real and inviting to the traveller. From seeking the inspiration to book the holiday, right through to offering seasonal […]

The popularity of the image platform Instagram is phenomenal. The only trouble with a platform that boasted over 800 million active users in March 2018 is making sure your posts are found by people who are interested in what you have to say (or sell more to the point) needles and haystacks come to mind! […]

Travel And Tourism Website Content Marketing Tips In today’s totally digital age, content marketing is an essential tool to have in your overall online marketing strategy and is still king; this is especially true for travel, destination and tourism providers and brands. Keeping your hotel website up to date with the latest travel news, travel […]