As the end of 2018 very quickly approaches, many ecommerce websites will be looking ahead to next year and planning their online marketing strategies for the maximum profitability, better conversions and online growth – we talk about the upcoming trend of Social Shopping. Where Social Media And Online Shopping Converge Social shopping, or social commerce, […]

There are a huge number of business websites on the internet that do not even get a hundred visitors per day! They should be declared off limits since it is quite obvious that either people do not need its contents, or the business is not really pushing the website in the right direction as in […]

Losing online customers at the last minute – after they have gone to the trouble of adding items to their shopping basket is certainly the most frustrating thing for e-commerce retailers to endure. ECommerce site and online retailers spend a huge amount of time focused on getting more customers to their e-commerce website. But what […]

What Is Social Commerce? As social media channels make it easier to integrate your shopping and products on their platforms, how best can these online brands buy into social commerce, what challenges should they be aware of and why, in reality does it matter? Does Social Commerce Work? Social media is quickly reinventing itself. While […]