Leveraging the power of online content and social media marketing can help elevate your audience and customer base in a very dramatic way. But getting started without any previous experience or insight could be challenging to say the least. It is vital that you understand the social media marketing basics – from maximizing quality content […]

SEO and PPC take most of the glory for driving your online sales, but let’s not forget about another strategy — content marketing. Through storytelling – content writing, ECommerce brands and websites can showcase their values and beliefs to appeal to their users. Additionally, content can serve to encourage existing customers to repeat purchases by […]

Travel And Tourism Website Content Marketing Tips In today’s totally digital age, content marketing is an essential tool to have in your overall online marketing strategy and is still king; this is especially true for travel, destination and tourism providers and brands. Keeping your hotel website up to date with the latest travel news, travel […]

Why Your Website Should Have A Blog For online businesses of any size, a great website is never static. It’s your first opportunity to create a dialogue with new visitors who might just become your most lucrative clients and customers. Some businesses dispute blog development and management, as they think the time spent on a […]

10 SEO Techniques You Should Avoid When you’re working on your website’s SEO, you must be very careful. Do you know why? Google has changed the playing field significantly and what was acceptable before is now may lead to get you penalized. You need to ensure that you aren’t inadvertently doing anything wrong. Unless you […]

How To Grow A Newsletter Database For Hotels And Accommodation Providers Why are newsletters and growing subscribers still important? Especially now with GDPR in force, it is important growing your email newsletter database (with clear consent obviously) and sending regular enticing newsletters. Whether your online or offline, there are many ways to collect qualified (and […]