If you are not posting or tweeting daily then you are missing a trick. Social media has grown massively, with over 1.4 Billion people now using Facebook on a monthly Basis the audience that your adverts can reach is massive.

Exeter Social Media Marketing

We live in the age of social media. Making connections is a fundamental part of how we work, live, socialise, and how we shop for goods. Social networks have also become an invaluable way for a business to talk directly to a potential audience of millions.

A business social media marketing strategy unlocks a new way of reaching out to customers: one that replaces conventional advertising, and embraces community and collaboration. We help you to cultivate your social media presence so that your customer base grows organically. Here’s how we do it:

Worldwide, Facebook report 1.64 billion monthly active users of which 1.25 billion access via mobile devices as of 2016. In the UK, which currently has a reported population of 62.3 million, an incredible 30.3 million are Facebook users. Facebook is a great way of promoting as it allows you to engage in conversations to a vast audience. Facebook is a standout amongst social media promotional channels. Engaging with a relevant audience and providing information and content can quickly drive relevant leads to your business.

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Social Media Marketing Unique To Your Business

We collect from you a general current customer profile along with a desired customers profile. This could include age, gender, demographics and interests. Once we have this, using creative and imaginative eye-catching images create an advertising campaign which is unique to your needs, targeted at the customers that you want to do business with.

We specialise in generating targeted, specific advertising campaigns creating both calls and website traffic. To find out more please give us a call or drop us an online enquiry.

Facebook – ‘The Phenomenon’

Facebook is an online social networking service with headquarters in Menlo Park, California. The site is a directory of the world’s people. You sign up and start posting information about yourself/ your business including photographs, history, likes, dislikes and opinions. Some of the information can be restricted to your chosen audience. If you don’t want the varying securities available, then anyone who either chooses to view your profile or anyone who is on your automatic mailing list will see your information.

Facebook have been criticised for having confusing policies around security and has frequently made changes often allowing more information to be exposed in more ways.

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If you’ve not seen the film then here is a brief history. Launched in 2004 it was founded by Mark Zuckerburg with his college roommates and fellow Harvard University student Eduardo Saverin. The membership was initially limited to Harvard students but was soon expanded allowing other colleges in the Boston area and then quickly expanding to most universities in Canada and the United States. In 2006 it opened its doors to everyone of 13 years or greater with a valid email address.

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Twitter was established in the USA, in the state of San Francisco and was launched on the 4th of November 2006. It has since grown beyond any realistic expectation with an estimated using audience in excess of 500 million across the world. Twitter offers, through its advanced account administration platform accessibility in more than 30 languages. The system is simple to set up and easy to access with just a few clicks to get going.

Twitter offers a host of options to increase the responsiveness of their services allowing you to grow a follower base, drive clicks to your website, engage an interactive audience, drive app installs/ engagement and find leads by allowing users to share email addresses with you directly within your tweets.

It is widely accepted that names like ‘Friendstalker’ and ‘Dodgeball’ were considered before settling on the now recognised ‘Twitter’ meaning ‘a short blast of insignificant data’ and ‘an arrangement of twitters from winged creatures’. Apparently, the name was inspired by the photograph imparting site ‘Flickr’.

This social media giant has been recognised in changing the way we communicate and has seen changes in the way media, politicians, businesses and even celebrities interact with customers, associates and fans alike.
Twitter has become an effective tool in reaching new and existing consumers/ customers previously where TV and radio were often the only considered medias. Twitter allows companies the ability to establish instant access to a large audience and get instant feedback thus allowing it to be more responsive and nibble towards customers needs and help it to recognise changes in their marketplace.

Domestically is it revolutionising the public’s voice imparting opinions and feedback to lawmakers and conglomerates alike.

Listening to your marketplace and customers has never been so important and it is set to carry on growing in both usage and importance.