Should You Still Be Using Online Business Directories?

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Should You Still Be Using Online Business Directories?

Long gone are the days of grabbing Yellow Pages or thumbing through the Thomson Local Directory. Everything has gone online – especially Business Directories and you and your online business should to. Once upon a time, a long time ago, when you had a leaking pipe in your Bathroom or your washing machine gave up the ghost – the first point of call would be to rummage through your cupboard under the stairs to find what would have then been considered a Local Business Directory. You would then have to find the index and then leaf through the hundreds of pages until you found the category you needed. Let’s say that was the local plumber’s section. Not only would you now be very aware that your hideously expensive carpet was becoming irreparably damaged, but you now have to make the hardest of decisions… Which plumber do you choose?

Why, thankfully this time-consuming process is a thing of the past?

Because now you simply pop out your smart phone and type in ‘Local Plumber’, and due to your smart phone being well, quite clever, it knows your exact location (using that ever so clever GPS) and can instantly show you a bunch of local plumbers that you can immediately contact by pressing the ‘call’ button in the listing. How good is that? This is a must for all local businesses regardless of the service you provide. So, if as a local business, online or not you haven’t taken this essential step yet, now is the time. Picking the right online business directory to be listed with is also a decision that you’ll need to make and one that can be a little daunting.

What Are The Benefits Of Using UK Business Directories For SEO?

Get Discovered: Having maximum online visibility in the eyes of your prospective customers is essential in growing your business. If they need you, you need to be found, and quickly. Using the example of the plumber above, imagine someone within a mile of you has a major incident with their pipes! They get their phone out to find a local plumber and you don’t appear! A competitor gets the work, does what is needed – in this case stops the house flooding and the carpet is saved – and gets an excellent review and wins more business off the back of that one job. This example applies to every type of local business or service, not just plumbers. Being listed with local online business directories is an absolute must if you’re a local business servicing a local community.

Talk To Us About Local Business Directories And SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): In the Google digital age we all now live in, you must bite the bullet and make friends with the beast that is Google! The easiest way to do so – and thus then appear on the first page of the search results, hopefully – is to make sure you’re listed on the online business directories. By doing so, it provides your business with a certain amount of credibility and if the directory you choose has done their job properly, your business listing will be set up in such a way that it will appear in Google. Meaning you don’t need to concern yourself with the intricacies of SEO. Online Reputation: With all this talk of discoverability and being friends with Google and such, once a prospective customer finds your listing they have to decide on whether to choose you. Just by being listed on the directory you are a contender, plus you are given a certain amount of ‘reputation’ and ‘credibility’ in the eyes of the prospect and Google. This is a massive benefit and one that should never be over looked. It shows the prospect that you aren’t some fly by night business with anything to hide because ultimately, it’s the business directories role to provide your listing with SEO basics which creates visibility with Google and thus provides you with reputation which in turn gets you the new business.

Talk To Us About UK Business Directories And SEO

So now that you’re fully up to date with what online business directories are – and the benefits of them – picking the right one is the next step. This can be a daunting task simply because there are 1000’s of them so if you feel your local online business needs a pick me up – then talk to us about an SEO audit and how we can help with your business directory listings.

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