We get your site ranked high in major search engines such as Google and Bing using a variety of modern Search Engine Optimisation techniques.

Website SEO Services in Exeter

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is vital to business success. No matter how good your content, if nobody knows about your website then they won’t visit it – and you can’t make a profit without customers. Most people use search engines such as Google to find the products and services they need locally, and most will only look at the first page of results and your business needs to be one of them.

Making your business SEO friendly, relevant and accessible by all of your potential customers is very important in order to make your website work for your business.

Here’s how Search4Local’s comprehensive SEO services can help you if you are in Exeter and surrounding areas:

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SEO To Suit Your Business

Our quality search engine optimisation packages are designed with you in mind; we know that one size doesn’t fit all, which is why all SEO packages are bespoke and keep your website conforming to the latest ‘best practice guidelines’ for online search as provided to the industry. This means we will audit the website and make changes where necessary – this can be to the inner coding of the site, the title pages, the alt text for images and much more which combined with tailored off-site SEO gives you a great opportunity to appear high on search engines.

We believe we offer outstanding value with our business SEO services. Let us know your needs by completing the secure enquiry form, and we’ll get back to you fast with details of how we can help.

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Monthly Reporting

As the SEO campaign gets underway you will want to be able to clearly see how the campaign is going and more importantly how much more traffic your site is receiving.

Each month we will send you a detailed but easy to understand report which contains all of the important stats and information on the performance of your website in the past month.

The report will show the number of visits using a clear graph over each day in the previous month, a chart of the best performing keywords, social media activity which has contributed to your website performance and much more.

Off-site SEO Services

Many business owners aspiring for high search engine rankings do not realise that some of the most important factors in your website ranking take place away from the website.

Off-site search engine optimisation works by having links to your website from other 3rd party websites. All of the links back to your website contribute to your backlink profile. The better and more relevant your backlink profile is the higher the website will rank.

High search engine rankings are not achieved without quality link building. Link building is a strategy that we use to build quality links from good quality and relevant websites. An example of a good backlink for a doctors surgery would be from a relevant website such as a spa, gym or health organisation and for local SEO if the referring website is based in the same locality then even better.

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On-site SEO Services

This refers to maximising the usefulness and authority of your own website. This encourages search engines to rank your site more highly and makes using it a more rewarding experience. Since most people find websites by searching for keywords and phrases, especially those relevant to their local area, we’ll pinpoint the terms that are most likely to attract the attention of search engines as well as holding users’ interest once they arrive.

The content on each website page which can consist of text, images and videos need to be good readable content and as relevant as possible to the keywords that page is aiming to rank for.