We are experts in getting a great Return on Investment on platforms such as Google Ad Words and Bing Ads.

PPC Campaigns by Certified Professionals in Exeter

Consistent results by trusted Google Parters

At Search4local, we offer a great deal of expertise with all aspects of PPC campaigns. Indeed our PPC management, conducted through the extremely popular Google Adwords platform, can offer a highly beneficial return on investment that drives both brand awareness and sales.

We can take care of every aspect of the process and are the ideal place to turn for both newcomers to this sort of online marketing as well as those who are more experienced but who wish to maximise the effectiveness of their future campaigns.

All of our PPC campaigns are bespoke to each customer’s requirements, which means our customers choose which keywords they want to appear under when searched for.

PPC platforms such as Google Adwords can act like a fishing net for driving traffic for a huge range of relevant keywords in any town or city that you wish to target.

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How Do Adwords PPC Campaigns Work?

Accessing the strength of a tried and tested pay per click platform like Google AdWords means being able to harness the true power of the internet. It can provide a huge amount of new business for both established companies and start-up enterprises by getting your website to the top of search engine results pages, in the form of suggestions or recommendations.

Given certain keywords, such as those which might relate to your location or business sector, internet users are driven toward your business via your website’s home page or any relevant landing page you might prefer to use. It is worth noting that people who use internet searches tend to only click on the first few results that are displayed and using a successful PPC management technique is often the best way of getting noticed and being clicked on.

Keywords Fully Researched

One of the crucial elements of success in a PPC campaign is the choice of the right keywords. Get them wrong and you may see very disappointing click through rates. Get them right and the reverse is frequently the case. We provide the professional approach to choosing relevant keywords to your business, but ones which are actually being searched for, thus helping you to tailor your campaign to achieve the best results possible. All our campaigns are bespoke meaning they can be completely dictated by the words or phrases you believe your customers are searching for, however, we will also look at your competitors around the country along with Google’s search history data for keywords. Using a number of factors, we help guide you to decide on the keywords which you feel will be most successful for the campaign to begin with.

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Ongoing PPC Campaign Optimisation

Setting up a PPC campaign is one thing, but improving it is essential to stay one step ahead of the competition. We provide all the much-needed analysis of any campaign to ensure that it continues to work effectively and does not become rusty in the face of changing consumer habits and increased rival activity in your sector.

Throughout each month that the campaign is active with us we will look to improve month on month by moving away from non-effective keywords, focusing on the successful keywords and doing analysis on competitors to help us find potentially successful new keywords to target.

Monthly Reporting

For any marketing executive or business owner, knowing how a PPC campaign is going is essential. We provide regular monthly updates, emailed to our clients, which provide a snapshot of the campaign under our management as well as more in-depth analysis if required.

The report will show the number of impressions and clicks your website has received from the PPC campaign and also will go into further detail into how keywords are performing.

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