A Search Engine Marketing and Online Display Advertising Integration Study found that nearly as many Internet users respond to a display ad by performing a search as those who click on the ad itself: Get your brand out there by displaying your brand and services on thousands of websites.

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Rolling back the clock for many (some still do but not as many), you may have picked up a newspaper or magazine and without realising it you have read an advert about a new power tool, a new technology or about a half price sofa sale. Classified impressions are not dissimilar, only they are the internet’s equivalent.

Unlike traditional text-based advertisements, online display advertising uses the power of image to capture attention to drive sales and build a brand.

Although display advertising has long been used in printed media, for example within magazines, new media display advertising tends to use video, animation and audio elements to drive the desired messages home much more effectively than ever before.

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How to Get Your Business Noticed With Display Advertising

In the past, a display advert might be placed in a newspaper to draw attention to a business but targeting it to certain demographics could be very hit and miss. Perhaps an advert might be carried in a broadsheet or a tabloid only to try and maximise impact.

In the internet age, however, business display impressions, also commonly Known as ‘extended reach’, allow display advertisements to be extremely well targeted so you are really noticed by the group or groups that are most desirable. In short, a pre-determined demographic can be honed in on via websites that these groups are likely to visit.

Referred to as an impression, this type of website advertisement constitutes a highly effective tool for all sorts of organisations, allowing them to convey messages to as wide or as narrow an audience as they deem fit.

How Can Display Advertising Help?

Display adverts, when clicked on, can immediately link through to your website or a product page, they also offer a great deal of brand recognition, even when the advert does not provide a click through.

Furthermore, reports show that businesses that use display advertising will see an increase in the number of searches that are made for their brand or company name. Overall, they can augment the impact of a pay per click campaign and are often best used in tandem with one.

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Types Of Display Advertising

We provide expert advice with keyword contextual targeting which enables adverts to appear within the context of a web page which has certain keywords within the content of that page. In addition, we can help with category contextual targeting, something that produces adverts for internet users who have a browser history that is relevant to the advertiser in question.

What Do The Experts Say?

According to a well-researched article from Sitepoint, nearly as many internet users respond to business display adverts by carrying out their own search related to it as do those who click on the display ad itself.

Their survey revealed that some 31% of web surfers engage with online display advertising by clicking on it, while 27% respond to it by initially running their own search as a result of seeing it. Importantly, the proportion surfers who ultimately go on to search for a product or brand at some point in the future rises to 49%, as a result of exposure to display advertising. “Clearly, business display advertising drives consumers… both initially and over time.”

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