Insite Analytics – Smart Use of Free WiFi

Insite Analytics is a market leading app personalised to your business, it offers the ability when combined with our Insite box the ability to capitalise on customers or users of your free Wi-Fi. Insite Analytics can be a smart use of your free Wi-Fi. If you are thinking of installing free Wi-Fi but are struggling to see how it might help your business, or if you currently offer free Wi-Fi but aren’t really sure what your business is gaining from it then Insite Analytics will help you simply and quickly, advise, operate and optimize your free Wi-Fi set-up.

This product is unique in the marketplace: by merging native app and free Wi-Fi technology it creates multiple sales & marketing capabilities and touchpoints, all in one place, and represents a truly smart use of free Wi-Fi.

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What is important to your Business?

  • Increasing repeat Business?
  • Knowing more precisely who your customers are, and communicating with them more often?
  • Creating a bigger e-mail and social media database?
  • Promoting your products /services /events effectively?
  • Increasing loyalty /managing a loyalty scheme
  • Capturing customer feedback and reviews?
  • Managing bookings /reservations?
  • Doing all of the above in a simple, efficient and cost effective way?

You probably haven’t considered that free wifi could help you with any of the above, let alone all……

 So a personalised, branded app linked to WiFi – must be both expensive and complicated right? WRONG!

Our prices range from £10 – £40 a week depending on functionality

How do I buy it? how does it get built? How can I manage it? and what information do I get?

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Summary Of The Insite App

The possible features & functions are too many to list but the key ones are:

  • Branded native App with high level of functionality.
  • Utilises your current Broadband connection – Simple, quick and low cost entry.
  • Builds your database – Wifi login captures key customer detail; simply & quickly.
  • Menu/Price list- List your products & services and update them with ease.
  • Loyalty points – An interactive loyalty scheme, saving time and money on stamps and cards, or gives you the ability to start a scheme.
  • 2 way messaging with customers- they can contact you, and you can message people at the touch of a button – target in -site or lapsed customers.
  • Feedback- Hear what your customers think of you and upload to Social media, or respond directly!
  • Analytics that can go into as much detail as you want. Track age, frequency of visits, gender and more.
  • Promotions- Get direct promotions sent as a notification to your customers – in/off site.
  • Digital signage and advertising – power /run and link to any display screen.
  • Bookings /Make reservations – Integrated booking system capability.
  • Customisable and simple to update – Admin login to access data and make changes to the colours, images and text.
  • DRR, DER and DPA compliant -*see Free Wi-fi – Legal awareness
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Insite Analytics – Smart Use of Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

Free Wi-Fi – Our view of the landscape

  • Your customers expect!– browsing “on the go” is just expected – It’s becoming the norm to get free wifi access to the point that anywhere that has any “dwell” or downtime that doesn’t provide free Wi-Fi is likely to irritate customers and receive negative feedback.
  • Data tariffs – £ increases, no longer free inclusions – even if good network (3 or4G) data connection is available the majority of people will use a free wifi network if available and promoted.
  • Smart phone /mobile first search – increases show that the direction of travel in this area is unequivocal – mobile search overtook desktop search in 2014. Apps simply work better on smartphones and tablets, HTML5 in origin they were designed from start to finish with this use – yet still many companies refer to a web or landing page for free wifi log-in.
  • Log-Ins – expected and accepted – As long as the process is quick and one-time most people are comfortable with this and most answer honestly. In local businesses this is seen as a value add. Trust in national chain suppliers of free Wi-Fi however, may be viewed differently.
  • Promote free Wi-Fi – Once you have Insite Analytics powering your Wi-Fi you’ll want to!

Free Wi-Fi Hotspots – Legal awareness.

There are 3 laws that relate to providers of Free Wi-Fi:

Digital Retention Regulations (2009)

This is not an act that should trouble you. Unless the Secretary of State writes to you, you do not need to have compliance. The act is aimed at national providers and is aimed at the authorities being able to access records for users /IP addresses and sites visited by user for over 12 months, with principally protection from Terrorism and criminal activities in mind. The Insite analytics Smart use of Wi-Fi solution actually helps you capture similar but less detailed information so partial compliance without the letter from the Secretary of State is at least comforting!

Digital Economy Act 2010

This act is aimed at ISP providers but Free wi-fi providers do come under the remit of this act. Its principal aim is to reduce and deter copyright infringements such as illegal downloads and piracy. Whilst it is incredibly difficult to police every user the Insite analytics smart use of wi-fi solution protects your Business immediately here as it is built in within the acceptance to the terms and conditions for use of your free wi-fi.

Data Protection Act

This act requires the free wi-fi provider to be able to exhibit the data collected and show that it is safely stored and protected. The Insite Analytics smart use of wi-fi Solution covers you immediately as all data is both collected and safely stored within the remit of a password and login protected environment.