How To Shape And Create A Digital Marketing Strategy

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If you are struggling to get sign off on budget for digital marketing spend, just let your CEO know that 67% of a buyer’s journey is now done online. This sounds impressive but what does this actually mean? It means if you are not investing in an online marketing, you are missing out on a huge number of potential customers, all currently being tempted up by your competitors.

But even if you don’t sell products online, why should you invest in online marketing? It doesn’t matter whether you sell products online or not – the cold hard fact is, the majority of your target market is searching for information online via their smartphone, tablet and PC and if you are not appearing in those searches, why would they ever buy from you and how could they?

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Therefore it is important to take control, commit and shape your digital marketing strategy. A carefully planned online journey can convert someone who has never heard of you into a fully committed customer or booking. Here are 5 things to do in order to develop an effective digital strategy:

Why You Should Understand Your Business And Target Market

In order to have this effective digital marketing strategy, you first need to know who your potential customers are and what they care about. Use as much information as you can to create target customer personas. What are their motivations? How have they found you? What media are they influenced by? What reassurances do they need before they will buy? What social media channels are they most active on? You will never create an effective digital strategy if you don’t have this clear understanding of who you are trying to target and how they behave online.

The Best Website Reviews

Your website is your digital shop window and you will need to make sure it is set up correctly, so your target customers can find you and when they do find you, ensure that they want to buy from you. Is it easy and quick to navigate? Is it fast and does it work across multiple devices? Is it mobile friendly? Is the content well-written and concise? If the answer is no to any of these things, review your website and make the necessary changes.

What Is Google Analytics And Why Is Reporting Essential?

Where does your web traffic come from? What’s the best performing online-channel in terms of conversions? Which sites refer the most traffic to you? All of this is valuable information when it comes to understanding the customer journey – your customer. Are you missing out on potential customers because your website is not properly optimised for the right keywords?
Conduct keyword research and identify what terms and phrases your website should be ranking for in the search engines and then optimise your site accordingly.

What Is Competitor Analysis

You can learn a lot from your online competitors and digital rivals. Watch what keywords they are interested in, have a look through their blog content, look at their social media channels and see where they are generating links from. See what is working (and not working) for them and tailor your own strategy accordingly. Don’t copy this though – Google has a bit of a thing about unique content!

How To Plan Your Content

Once you have mapped out your target market or niche, understood what your competitors are up to and made sure your website is up to scratch, it’s time to start planning what content you need to produce.

You will probably want a series of landing pages designed to help you rank for specific lead generation keywords on key topics associated with your business. You will want to guide prospects towards key areas of your site through optimised blog content and targeted guides for download and you will want to capture additional interest and traffic through a well-executed social media strategy and newsletters.

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All sounds a bit much? Getting your digital strategy right takes time, but don’t miss out on potential new business opportunities by neglecting it. There are many elements that go into getting this digital strategy right. As a Digital Marketing and Web Design Agency, we understand this a lot better than most – so if you need some advice, guidance or a helping hand – get in touch.

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