How To Grow A Newsletter Database For Hotels And Accommodation Providers

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How To Grow A Newsletter Database For Hotels And Accommodation Providers

Why are newsletters and growing subscribers still important? Especially now with GDPR in force, it is important growing your email newsletter database (with clear consent obviously) and sending regular enticing newsletters. Whether your online or offline, there are many ways to collect qualified (and that’s the important bit) subscribers which you can then segment into some very useful marketing lists.

We here at Search4Local have created a list of our top 6 ways to grow your hotel’s, guesthouse and accommodation provider email database, ranging from exciting permanent signup boxes and targeted pop-ups to social media and offline forms.

How To Grow Your Tourism Newsletter Database

Setting up your email newsletter might seem like a lot of hassle now but believe me it will be worth it. Regular and well-targeted newsletters allow you to cash in on repeat guests and bookings, referred guests and completely new guests. Email newsletter marketing is the best way to update your audience about offers, events and exciting changes at your hotel or guest house! Before you start growing your email list though, here are a few key points you need to consider: Bigger is not always best! Or in other words, quality over quantity every time. You want to aim for a clean, well-kept list with qualified subscribers, rather than a large list of people who are not interested in what you have to offer – this leads to a higher bounce rate.

Highlight the benefits of signing up – straight away! No matter how you collect your data, make sure to very clearly highlight the benefits of receiving your communication. Ideally you want users to sign up immediately so offer them some instant gratification. We all love free stuff!

Start segmenting your database now! A standard mistake is to send the same newsletter to your entire list. But people’s interests and situations, wants and desires are incredibly diverse, and a little personalisation goes a long way. Assuming you have the relevant info, you can segment your list in any way you want. A good way to start is to segment by location (Are they locals? Do they live abroad?), family status (Do they have a family? Are they single, or travelling as couples?), or even the purpose of their trip (Did they travel for business, wedding or leisure?). If your hotel offers more than “just rooms”, you might want to segment further by interests, such as weddings, spa, conferences, etc.

Never stop collecting the email addresses! Below are a few ways to collect your data, and once you have set up your sources, make sure to keep collecting and keeping your database clean and up-to-date.

How To Build A Hotel Marketing Database

Here are 6 ways to grow your email newsletter database the correct and legal way:

Create A Sign-Up Opportunity On Every Web Page

With a bit of code, you can add a signup box to the top or bottom of your website, meaning that it will be shown on every page of your website. This will give users the opportunity to sign up even if they missed any previous prompts. Ideally this box will be linked directly to your newsletter software, making management super easy!

Create Targeted Sign Up Pop Ups

Don’t skip this. Pop-ups have evolved incredibly in the recent years and can now be laser-targeted, which makes them far less intrusive than before. You can set pop-ups only to show when a user is intending to leave your website (“exit intent technology”), target only people browsing from certain geographical areas, or even depending on which website they found you through (e.g. Google or your Twitter page).

Add Signup Link To All Your Signatures

While this source won’t bring you masses of subscribers, it will ensure to attract people who already know about your hotel and have communicated with you in some way. Remember, quality over quantity! And if you don’t ask you certainly don’t get.

Promote Your Newsletter Through Social Media

Chances are, your social media and newsletter audiences don’t ever meet. So, make sure to let everyone on your social media profile know that you have a spectacular newsletter – show them what to expect and how to sign up! Most newsletter tools let you share a signup link, but alternatively you can create a simple landing page if you so desire.

Run A Paid Social Media Campaign

If you are trying to attract new people and therefore bookings within a certain geographical area, group of interest or age bracket, you can put some money behind a lead-generation social media campaign. Just make sure to segment accordingly!

Capture Guests Data Offline

If you want to increase the percentage of return stays, capture as much of your guests’ data as possible – of course with their clear consent! You could amend your registration forms to include a newsletter section or offer free drinks vouchers or competitions in exchange for their signup – literally the world is your oyster.

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