How To Build The Best Tourism Mobile App

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How To Build The Best Tourism Mobile App

If you feel like your destination, hotel, guesthouse or bed and breakfast business could benefit from more online visibility, more travellers or just improved engagement with tourists, perhaps using the amazing power of mobile apps is the way to go about it. Developing a tourism mobile app is just an early step in your journey to delivering customer satisfaction and gaining your customers’ loyalty year in and year out.

With online traffic moving from desktops increasingly onto tablets and smartphones and the recent Google algorithm mobile update, it makes sense to complement your mobile optimised website with an app or a few. Many online tourism businesses worry that the cost of developing an app is not justified, but it’s a fact that mobile apps are here to stay, thus making the development process a long-term investment worth assuming early on.

Creating Good Engaging App Content

Firstly, whatever you do don’t create an app that only reproduces your website content as is a complete waste of resources and time. Mobile apps are all about relevance and context; their exclusive purpose is to enhance user experience in their tourism brand interaction, in each situation.

It all begins with identifying the purpose of your app: to provide general information about the destination, hotel or to guide its potential customers to a more specific result – to book! You can choose to develop a general-purpose, master app that offers useful information and provides tips to your travellers, featuring some or all the following:

  • Destination guide

  • Things to do

  • Places to see

  • Restaurants and accommodation tips

  • Offline map

  • Currency converter

  • Weather information

  • Transport information

  • Wi-Fi hotspots map, etc.

Another good option is to create a tourism mobile app with niche audiences and a more specific purpose, such as:

Online Tourism Brochures

If you’d like to give your prospective customer the chance to discover your destination through beautiful images and compelling videos, magazine-style or brochure apps are the recommended option. They are vastly comprehensive tools which squeeze the content of country presentation magazines in your travellers’ pockets.

Planning Holidays Apps

Comprehensive research has shown that travellers and tourists book their trips at shorter notice and arrive less prepared at their destinations. This is where planning apps come to the rescue and can significantly improve their experience upon arrival. Apps that let you search local attractions and tag them for visits – also good if this can be available offline.

Inspirational Travel Apps

These apps are designed as a source of inspiration for your customers, and acts as a discovery tool for the lesser travelled routes. Beautiful imagery, videos and rich media enhances and suggests far off places these are apps for the undecided traveller helping him to decide where to go.

Advertise Your Travel App

Building a tourism app is of little use if your travellers and customers cannot find it online. The possibilities are so vast that this topic deserves a post on its own, but we’ll just mention a few anyway:

Put a link or a graphic on your website.
Social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram are the obvious choices for creating that travel buzz and reaching your highly targeted travel audience.
Display advertising is great for raising awareness about your app and increasing its popularity. Make sure to carefully select the placements for high relevancy. Talk to us about paid advertising your travel brand.
Online PR is a great option – find the best influencers who can promote the app for you to their followers.
Email marketing is a great way to prompt your fans to download the app and use it on the go.

If you don’t know where to start building your mobile app for a destination, hotel or accommodation business or how to advertise it, don’t be shy. Talk to us.

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