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Getting a free listing in our directory app is simple.
Simply fill in the quick form below, the phone image to the right will even show you how your app will look as you design it. Soon after submitting the form you will receive an email confirmation that your app listing has been published on our free directory app.

Pease ensure you fill in the form to the best of your abilities.


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Interested in our full solution?

Whilst our free directory listing is a great start and will undoubtedly increase traffic to your place of business and increase brand awareness, there is so much more we can do. Our full app and smart dashboard package gets proven results.

Contact us now to hear about all the extra features we can include, such as:

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Create GEO-fenced predictive campaigns using real-time data and AI technology to increase loyalty and return rates.


Push Notifications

Promote customised offers with relevant targeted content directly to a user's phone with push notifications.

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Home Cards

Custom home cards can have whatever content you want; still or video adverts, special offers and more.

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Use beacons to identify when your customers are near or in-store and send them notifications.

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Multiple Locations

If your business has multiple locations you can add them all to the app and show your customers which is closest to them.

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Powerful analytical tools enable you to gain insights with actionable key data to engage with your customers.

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Wi-Fi App Onboarding

Save your customers time, let them connect to your Wi-Fi via your own app on the app store, with no forms to fill in.

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Price List

Customers need to know the cost of your products or services, include your price list or menu with ease.

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Booking System

Use our in-built booking system or link to your existing system all within the app.

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Our fun 'tap-to-flap' game engages with your customers making the app stickier and enables you to collect more data.

Monetise your free Wi-Fi with a bespoke business app

Free Wi-Fi for your customers can be expensive, monetise your Wi-Fi now with our patent pending bespoke app and analytical dashboard. If you would like to read more click the button below, or if you’ve seen enough and you’re interestedĀ in getting this solution for your business pleaseĀ get in touch.