What Are The Best Social Media Sites For Business?

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The rapid advancement in social media technology has opened broad avenues of digital marketing, for businesses both small and large. By learning the art of social media marketing, you can showcase your online business to the world as a fast-growing and professional business.

All social media platforms are not the same when it comes to reaching out, delivery of content, attractiveness, engagement or target audience. This requires the business to identify the best platform, suitable for their business, where most of their target audience would be available and interacting.

Today online businesses choose from a wide variety of social media platforms.

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What Is Social Media?

According to Wikipedia “Social media are interactive computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks”.

Here are the top 10 social media platforms that are most popular currently.

What Is Facebook

Millions of businesses, big or small, make efficient use of Facebook and its opportunities, to grow, expand and connect. Facebook ads help people discover and reach out to your business. Whether its building awareness for your brand or a new product, Facebook helps businesses tell their story to people across all borders. It has also proven to be a tremendously helpful tool for increasing traffic, engagement and sales. It basically helps people to act. Facebook advertising tools also let the business measure and analyse the effects of advertising and related parameters, providing a fair idea of how the campaign performs. Offering creativity and flexibility, Facebook is the most popular and preferred social media platform, by almost all businesses.

How Good Is Twitter For Online Businesses?

A social media marketing platform that lets users spread the word via tweets – small succinct messages, Twitter, is a revolutionary platform, where people come to discover what’s happening. With over 500 million tweets sent every day, Twitter is like an avenue with undiscovered possibilities and opportunities for businesses to make use of, to market themselves better and increase visibility. Twitter ads are the focus of businesses to develop and grow as they let the business expand their influence, connect with new audiences, and control the budget.

The B2B Social Network – LinkedIn

When it comes to building a professional network and engagement with users, LinkedIn offers to be a great social media marketing platform, with the world’s largest professional network. This is what attracts marketers and businesses alike. Hire, Market, Educate, Sell and Learn, being the prime service avenues of LinkedIn, excel in serving the businesses all the tools required to find great talent and capitalize on the social selling trend. With LinkedIn, companies must start with a company page and making the right connections. More and more businesses have started using this platform’s expert services to hire experts and make useful connections.

What is Google+

Prominently used for relationship marketing, Google+ provides the benefit of reaching out to over 300 million active users. It provides great opportunities, and small businesses especially should make use of these, to boost online presence and maximise visibility on Google search results. With the help of a proper strategy for engaging people, businesses can make use of this one of a kind social media platform more than any other platform, as it is the social network from Google, and hence it enjoys SEO value.

At this time, it is a myth whether this platform is even being promoted anymore.

Using YouTube For Rich Media

YouTube lets businesses show their products in action and demonstrate all other business-related information, with the help of creative, interactive and attractive videos. One can include a video on their website without slowing down the customers’ download speeds. YouTube also allows users to revisit or view videos of events that they could not attend or wish to re-watch. Some businesses use this platform to provide solutions to its customers because businesses have realised that a video can be a great way of attending to frequently asked questions.

What Is Pinterest And Who Is It Aimed At

Helping brands to grow rapidly, Pinterest is another popular and developing social media platform and network where people come in search of inspiration for products. Apart from its unique features like pins and boards, Pinterest analytics tool provides valuable information about what types of content is popular, providing help to businesses to improve. Promotion is also possible, with Pinterest ads, providing exposure well beyond what is paid for.

If You Are Not Using Instagram, Then You Are Not Trying Hard Enough

Instagram is a place where visual expression from business inspires visible action from people around the world. Instagram has a wide scope or small and large businesses to popularise themselves and expand fast. Customers can see valuable information like business address or contact details, on the company’s Instagram profile. Businesses around the world are using Instagram to promote their business and have been greatly successful.

Snapchat Will Surprise You!

Snapchat may not be a very popular social media marketing platform amongst everyone today, but it surely enjoys a 150 million+ user base, comprising of mostly the youth. Its attractive colourful effects and filters, stories and playful features, have provided great opportunities for some businesses to make use of it to get popular among the young audience. Snapchat ads have been proven to be more effective than Facebook and Instagram ads and are a great way to catch the attention of the ideal target audience.

Blogging Made Easy With Tumblr

Tumblr is an extremely popular social blogging platform that is heavily used by teens and young adults. Best known for their visual content, users can create blog posts in different formats, follow other users, etc. If a business uses Tumblr effectively and posts great content, it could end up with thousands of reblogs (likes).

Do People Still Use Flickr?

Yahoo’s popular photo-sharing platform, which existed way before Instagram or Pinterest became popular, is still one of the best places to share photos. The more a business gets involved in Flickr’s community, the greater the chances of it getting more exposure for its photos and discovering the work of others.

Looking at the above social media platforms, a marketer can easily find the most effective platform for their business, that would yield the most results and reach out to their anticipated targeted audience. This decision would be based on factors like business objective and industry type, geographical location, size of the targeted audience and how widely the audience is spread across the location, and any other factor that may affect the type of social media platform to be used.

We hope you have learnt about the best social media sites for business and if you have any questions, call our team today.


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