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Our expert team of web developers create e-commerce websites in Exeter for a wide range of businesses located all through the South West. If you’re a business owner looking to develop your brand and sell products, an online store will allow your customers to buy your products online easily and conveniently.

The unique and bespoke design of our e-commerce websites mean that we can tailor them to whichever industry you work in. Our designers can create bespoke booking systems for car mechanics and event organisers to displaying products exactly how you want, with an easy conversion system.

During the consultation process we will understand how your business operates and the way you would like your brand to be displayed online. This will incorporate your brand identity by taking into consideration colours, imagery and the importance of brand consistency throughout the site.

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Responsive E-Commerce Websites

Responsive e-commerce web design is essential in our mobile first generation. Which is why we design our online shops mobile friendly. This means that your site is fully responsive on all phone systems and screen sizes for optimum shopping experience. Allowing customers to truly enjoy the time spent on site. The responsiveness of the online shops we create is a product of designing a functional and stylish user interface (UI). This can include options such as product reviews and other user experience (UX) best practices.

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User experience (UX) & Secure Encrypted payments

A fundamental component of a successful e-commerce website is ensuring that it is both fast and that all transactions are safe and secure. All of our online stores have encrypted payment technology and are built with easy checkout capabilities. This ensures that your online store is secure which in turn builds trust with both your customers and search engines.

Bespoke E-Commerce Design Exeter

Our professional team is experienced in designing e-commerce websites which is why they focus on factors that help your site to rank on search engines. This includes ensuring they all adhere to the latest algorithm updates from Google as well as using secure hosting and SSL certificates.

Fundamental components are taken into account such as meta data and how your online shop will be used with your digital marketing campaigns. This is why they are designed with social media, pay per click (PPC) and SEO in mind. This means calls to actions are clear and responsive and the UI is versatile and functional throughout.

WooCommerce Websites

WooCommerce allows for the e-commerce functionality on the websites we build. It is completely customisable meaning our designers can design tailor made product and category pages to suit your requirements. WooCommerce is used by many existing websites and is completely safe and secure to use, taking the hassle out of running an online store. From managing stock to editing products, it allows our designers to have full control over the branding of your products for you.

WooCommerce is able to integrate your SEO package too which means we can fully optimise your product listings so that they can be found by prospective customers much easier using search engines like Google.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our e-commerce website builds are bespoke which means the cost of a website can differ depending on the features you would like your online store to have. Our professional team is more than happy to discuss options with you.

An ecommerce website is an online store that allows you to sell or purchase products or services. This could mean a booking system with secure payment options or the selling of tangible products.

This can depend greatly on the brand identity and functionality of a website. Typically a good online store will communicate the brand’s message perfectly and mirror any tangible information. This means that colours, fonts, imagery and the overall look, feel and useability are all factors of a good website.

Create An Experience & Increase Conversions

When developing your company’s online presence it’s important to capture your brand’s identity and offer your customers an easy and enjoyable experience on all devices. Our mobile first approach to developing e-commerce websites means that they are both responsive and functional for mobile and tablet.

With the user experience and success of conversions at the forefront of our design process, we concentrate on the overall marketing strategy of your brand. This is why we ensure that ranking factors such as SEO & the security of your site & hosting are important to us.

Custom Front End Development

Our front end developers bridge the back end and front end of your e-commerce website. This ensures the UI and design of your online store is kept consistent and functional throughout. They use this process to develop the user journey by reviewing calls to action and the mobile experience.

Encrypted Payments & Secure Hosting

Our website builds all have very secure hosting to ensure your website is safe and secure at all times. Significant factors in the ranking of your site are the SSL certificate and encrypted payment systems. Part of the process with us is the setting up of your encrypted payment system.

Optimise For Search Engines

Benefit from our expertise in SEO with search engine best practices being implemented within your site. This includes optimised sitemaps, indexability and the use of keywords through a tailored search engine optimisation (SEO) package.

Digital Marketing & E-Commerce

Our professional experience designing and building bespoke e-commerce websites and conducting digital marketing strategies, means that we understand the importance of marketing your online business. This is why we focus on interfaces that compliment digital marketing tools such as social media, PPC and SEO.

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