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Facebook advertising Exeter – agency offering Facebook social media advertising set up and management services at competitive prices. We work with businesses across Exeter, Devon, Somerset, Bristol and Wales to improve their social media presence and generate money through effective Facebook ad campaigns.

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Helping Businesses Find, Serve and Retain Customers

Improved Brand

Good brand awareness comes from; likes, shares, comments and images.

Improved SEO
of Your Website

Sponsored social media campaigns can help your SEO and improve your positions on Google. 


Good interaction and engagement with your audience results in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Higher Conversion

Likes, shares, comments and tags can lead customers to your website. This provides an excellent opportunity to convert visits into the sale of your service or product.

Recognise The Importance of Social Media Advertising But Don't Have Time to Manage it Yourself?

We understand that managing social media ads can be a drain on your business resources that costs time and money.  We offer fully managed Facebook ad campaigns at competitive prices that can get you more business and save you money. With a Facebook Blueprint certified team of social media experts, we can get your brand noticed on Facebook and generate more sales for your business.

We’re 100% digital advertising and specialise in helping local businesses!

How Can Facebook Ads Help My Business?

Facebook ads can help your business increase its sales because it is the most popular social network with a massive UK wide user base.  According to statista, in January 2018 there were 80.1 million active Facebook accounts in the UK. The sheer numbers of regular users make Facebook a social platform not to be ignored in terms of your marketing strategy and marketing mix. It offers access to a local and national audience which you can target with your advertising message and use to drive traffic to your web page. As a result, your business will build its brand recognition, customer base and sales volume.

How Does Facebook Advertising Work?

Facebook advertising works by targeting users that are likely to be interested in your business. You decide your advertising budget and target users by profile, location and demographic. Adverts are created to promote your sales message which are then pushed out to users newsfeeds.

Why Should I Choose Search4Local To Be My Facebook Advertising Agency?

Search4Local is a UK Facebook advertising agency with knowledge and experience in setting up and running successful advertising campaigns. We work with many businesses across the South West including Exeter, Devon, Bristol, Somerset and Wales. In addition, we also offer other advertising methods such as display advertising and Google AdWords advertising campaigns which are also worth considering as part of your marketing mix.

We understand that managing a Facebook ad campaign is time-consuming. Furthermore, it is easy for inexperienced business owners to get it wrong and waste money. Our Facebook ad services can save you money. Our team of Facebook Blueprint accredited marketing specialists set up and manage your Facebook advertising for you. They have the expertise to tune your marketing campaign to your desired audience resulting in a successful and cost-effective marketing campaign. Other benefits include:

  • Facebook advertisement creation by graphic designers
  • Campaigns targeted and optimised based on your chosen demographics
  • Implementation of Facebook Pixels which tracks interactions with Facebook users and allows for the creation of custom audiences and retargeting
  • High conversion rate
  • Facebook recognised advertising agency with a high level of accurate reporting which smaller agencies aren’t able to offer
  • Competitive prices

Facebook Advertising Formats

Facebook offers a range of business ad formats which will drive traffic to either your website or Facebook page. The most popular Facebook marketing formats include static, carousel, video ads and lead generation forms. There are also engagement formats such as ‘like’ campaigns. These can help boost your followers which can help build your customer base.

Take The Hassle Out of Social Media Advertising With Our Facebook Advertising Services

To boost your social media presence why not give us a call? Our Facebook advertising agency offers professional Facebook ad management services at competitive prices. Based in Exeter, we have marketing consultants across the South West. To arrange a free no obligation consultation call us on 01392 409159.