Content Marketing For Tourism And Accommodation Websites

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Content Marketing For Tourism And Accommodation Websites

The most successful hotel, guesthouse and tourism websites emphasise the use of personalised content and increasingly use videos, drone imagery and rich media to make the destination experience more real and inviting to the traveller. From seeking the inspiration to book the holiday, right through to offering seasonal discounts to attractions when visiting the destination – the user journey (taxonomy) must be easy to navigate and have a focus on local stories to stimulate the traveller’s imagination. Else why would they click!

Despite the growing number of alternative online channels to plan and book a trip – whether via a booking website, OTA’s or an influencer’s Instagram feed – destination, hotel and tourism websites still remain an important source of local and visual inspiration.

Content Marketing For Tourism Websites

Relevant, user-friendly information – make your destination website more welcoming by using video content in the home page banner or hero image, this could be 360-degree video content, drone photography or a slideshow of clips, as it creates an insightful, colourful and upfront snapshot of your destination.

Seamless and easy navigation – ensure you have an easy to navigate menu that include Things to do; Places to see; Plan your trip; so, visitors are not more than two to three clicks away from booking a tour attraction or room on their mobile.

Using Google Local To Enhance Your Online Visibility

Where is it – improve the user experience by adding a map, ideally an interactive map that pulls through and pops up relevant content about where to go and what to do, local food and drink and consider adding content that suggests transport connections to get around.

Niche and unusual activities – include point of view content that tells a story about authentic experiences, for example, where to eat local food where locals go or finding an active pursuit that they have never experienced such as climbing or sailing.

Visitor guides – create free downloadable PDF advice guides that recommends something for everyone; ideally, create video guides that have influencer recommendations or a destination specialist that can add a personal touch. Enable your site so the customer can plan his days out.

The Best Images For Your Hotel Website

Image gallery – create an exciting image gallery of your top attractions and activities to inspire travel, support with content descriptions, share buttons, Sat Nav location references and relevant timely discount codes. Would you stay somewhere that did not display images of at least the rooms and restaurant?

Trip builder – enable Trip builder functionality to invite the traveller to explore the site, curate personalised wish lists, a trip schedule and bespoke itineraries that can be easily shared with their friends and family.

Help visitors – have a prominent search feature that makes it easier for the user to find what they are looking for, so offer a keyword search and options to select a date ‘to’ and ‘from’ to find personalised content for the niche traveller. In your blogs make sure you use tags.

Social Media For Tourism And Destination Providers

Social connectivity – help your hotel website visitors to share your best content via quick links to social media icons, repurpose storytelling content by chunking and sharing, drip fed in a social media content engagement calendar. Essentials here for tourism would be Facebook, Twitter and a must – Instagram!

Conversational contact – an obvious final tip, don’t forget to ensure a Contact Us button is easy to find that includes relevant phone numbers, email support, and / or chat services even access to street views for key locations. This is a very important link as Google expects to see this anyway.

In short, the content in a destination and tourism website should continually reflect the interests of its visitors and guests, you can cover a lot of information by having seamless navigation that is fully integrated with platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and TripAdvisor.

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