Business apps and mobile app development

Business apps are a great marketing tool for promoting your business, engaging with customers and retaining client loyalty. Search4Local based in Exeter, Devon (UK) offer bespoke and affordable mobile app development for small businesses, SMEs and large corporations across the UK, Europe and internationally. Search4Local’s mobile business app offering is unique and is already being used by some of the most well-known brands in the world. Our affordable mobile business app provides a robust platform from which to market your business, remotely engage with customers and harvest valuable marketing analytics. With some of the best app developers on our team, we can develop a bespoke app for your business that will enhance your marketing strategy and make you money.

You might be wondering what makes our mobile apps for your business different?

Our mobile apps for your business are unique and unavailable from any other company in the world. With heavy investment in our mobile app development and a truly amazing range of built-in app features we can help your business by:

  • Remotely engaging with customers via push notifications
  • Send out exclusive offers via the app to drive customer loyalty and revenue streams
  • Enhanced engagement through gamification
  • Track user data to identify lifestyle, spending habits and competition loyalties
  • Harvest in-depth marketing analytics which can transform your marketing strategy
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Are apps for small business worth your investment?

Apps for small business are the future of marketing your business and generating revenue streams, therefore they are worthy of investment. Our affordable small business apps are packed full of features to promote your services and products and the app can also integrate with your website. Our apps for small businesses are downloadable directly from both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The kudos gained from having a bespoke app is not to be missed. Not only that, you can push exclusive offers directly to your customers’ mobile devices which gives your business a proactive way of communicating with your audience. As a result, you benefit from increased engagement, customer retention and loyalty.

Brand Loyalty

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What about mobile business apps for big business?

Our mobile apps for big business are already being deployed by some of the most recognisable brands in the world. Our mobile business apps provide unprecedented amounts of robust marketing analytics that will identify a wide spectrum of consumer habits. For example, profile, demographics, spending habits, how many times a customer visits your competition and much more. Packed full of amazing features the app will even enable you to send a push notification to entice a customer to your store over your competitors if they are in your competitors’ vicinity. Our apps for business will revolutionise your marketing strategy and increase revenue streams.

Monetise your free wifi with a bespoke business app

Free wifi for your customers is an additional financial outlay. Want to find out how you can make money out of it? Then read on. Our bespoke business app uses patented technology which integrates with your free customer wi-fi. Now you can monetise your free wifi and make it a worthwhile investment and not just a customer perk. This means that customers can easily access your business app and you can start making money through business app marketing.

What are the benefits of a mobile business app?

There are many benefits of a mobile business app through Search4Local. The business app can be seen as an extension of your website that offers extended marketing opportunities. App benefits include:

  • A bespoke app made for your business
  • The best business apps to generate customer retention and loyalty
  • Promote your business through app marketing
  • Push out exclusive offers to app users
  • Retain customer loyalty
  • Engage with customers
  • Establish customer movements
  • List your services
  • Booking options
  • Heat map customer movement by location which enables you to target customers who may be going into your competition
  • Engage with customers in a vicinity to encourage them to come to you instead of your competition based on a particular area or demographic
  • Our unique wifi app uploading technology is undergoing global patents and is not available through anybody else
  • Beacon technology
  • Area-specific marketing based on user location

Want to create a free business app?

Want to create a free business app and find out more about the benefits of a mobile app for your business? Why not register to create a free directory app by clicking on the button below? Alternatively, if you want to discuss creating a bespoke and advanced app for your business, give us a call to arrange a free consultation. Call us on 01392 409159.