Why Did Search4Local Start?

Advertising has been through enormous change in the last 10 years when the likes of directory, local radio and papers were the only choices for small and medium enterprises in the UK. Search4Local was founded as these advertising mediums didn’t seem to transition to digital advertising in the way that the SME seemed to be asking for. Businesses were bamboozled with jargon and attention-getting product names that failed to match expectations. Search4Local saw the gap in the market and began to build infrastructure, process and skills that enabled us to create products which businesses were calling out for at a price point few could match.

Search4local digital advertising Brand Logo, with company colours
Helping Businesses Find, Serve and Retain Customers

Bespoke Digital Advertising For Your Business

We build all our digital products in-house enabling effective communication across departments ensuring all products including websites, SEO (search engine optimisation), Google Ads, Google Display campaigns, Facebook & Instagram Ad campaigns, Bing Ads and more are consistently on message for each customer – this is unlike our competitors who often outsource to agencies outside the UK or even use automated software to deliver products which can waste a high proportion of the customers spend.

Furthermore, whilst others are wanting to deliver digital traffic products such as Google Ads, Bing or Facebook using AI (artificial intelligence) platforms – we don’t – all these platforms already use AI to build audiences, however it’s the individual expert users that need to manage it, this is just a way for the corporates to make bigger profits. Search4Local do things differently as we truly want the products to work for our customers.

We are passionate about delivering the best online advertising products on the market

A Local Digital Advertising Agency That Is Different

We were different right from the start and created digital products that are made the right way and delivered the best results for our customers. We don’t sell license agreements which have you pay for the same products year after year when no work is happening – simply put we watch our customers grow, and as they do, so do we.

Our services and products have names you will recognise and invoices that make sense. We always answer the phone and you can speak to any department that are involved with producing your products. You will have a dedicated account manager who will come to you, or call you as required – some of our many customers like a call monthly, others once every 6-12 months.

Fastest Growing Digital Advertising Agency

Founded in 2015, it took 2 years to gain our first 100 customers now we are approaching 1500. The key to growing our business is retaining customers. We believe this can only be achieved by delivering great products that work. All products are a fixed price and payment terms are available. We believe that we are the fastest growing digital advertising company, also the biggest independent in the Southwest that specialise in supporting the SME market.

Local Digital Advertising For Local Businesses

Once you’ve tried Search4local, you’ll never want to go anywhere else!